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23 December 2009

A word a day keeps the demons away

Writing is soothing. It's also exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting. For all you writers out there, "amateur" or "pro", this is true. I am a new writer (new to actually sticking with writing a novel) and am finding it a little intimidating to run with the "big dogs". Everyone tweets, everyone blogs, everyone networks. I am also a new tweeter, a new blogger, a new networker. But what I'm worried about is that I have nothing to share. I feel confident about my book, I wish I could already have people reading it, even unfinished. But how does one get so many followers? I guess it starts slow. I am so excited that there are people even reading my blog! They are the ones that matter the most. The firsts (you know who you are!) are the best, in my opinion.
The point I'm trying to drive home is that writing is a big job, and I'm just learning that it's not so easy when you're tired, or busy, or tired ;).....but you have to push through. You have to keep driving, keep going, and when you edit later you might just find something worth keeping. Give yourself that apple, that metaphoric treat you've been waiting for when you hit a big word count. Maybe even when you hit a small word count. Hitting 10,000 was a ginormous milestone for me, I called my mom and my friends and facebooked my ass off. And then I had some candy. And then I kept writing and hit 11,000. But that 400 word mark had me stoked in the beginning, so every word counts. As I said in a previous blog my 10,000th word was 'she', a sort of unimportant word on it's own, but a vital word in the big picture. I'll never forget my first 10,000th word, and neither should you. Maybe let me know what yours was.
Keep writing! Keep blogging! Keep Tweeting! Keep networking!
Charlie Charlie Charlie


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