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06 April 2012

In which I proceed to fail at my Bloggiesta goals

The title says it all folks.  The weekend of Bloggiesta I was sick, then fell down some stairs, still had to work, and still had to sleep.  Part of the time I was lazy, but that was when I was on the couch with my leg up.

So....I will be working on my Bloggiesta goals over the next week (probably Sunday - it's my only day off for the next 7 days.)

I did finish one of my goals, adding a Facebook like button to all of my posts!

I still have to go around to blogs and meet people ( a week too late )  but I'm sure they won't mind.

Hope you all had a great Bloggiesta and completed as much as you could!


P.S. I still feel like the above picture today.  SO TIRED! :D

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