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31 August 2012

The Big Question....

To Write, or not To Write?

I'm not so sure anymore.  

I still enjoy writing, but I have fallen so far away from it that I'm not sure how to find my way back.

I have been reminiscing about my past lately, and going through all of my old short stories and discarded ideas.  A lot of them have potential, if I could only focus and finish.  I know that I am not alone in this problem, but it is a problem nonetheless.  

Unfortunately, inspiration only comes when I am at my most emotional (and usually negative emotions are what drive my writing); but most writers give the advice to try to write through your slumps - to fight for every word.

I have written a lot about motivation, so I won't beat this into the ground.

I just want to find my writing groove again.  I want to someday be able to inspire readers the way my favorite authors inspire me.  I want to share my thoughts with the world!


 To Write, or not To Write?

What do you think?


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