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28 June 2010

Monday: In My Coffee Cup

This wonderful morning I have something thought provoking in my coffee cup - some quotes!

While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die - whether it is our spirit, our creativity, or our glorious uniqueness.
-- Gilda Radner

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
--Lao Tzu

Wisdom begins in wonder.  Be as you wish to seem.

These quotes have a similar theme: BE.  Be yourself, be creative, be glorious in your uniqueness!  Let go of (most) of your inhibitions and let yourself become your best self! 

I apologize (only a little) for all my positivity, it can be a bit much! :)  But this cup of coffee I've got sitting here is really good!  It's all vanilla-ey and warm.  Mmmm....

Anyway, just remember that you are the only one that can hold you back, so keep trodging ahead.  Work everyday towards BEING.  Be something, hopefully something positive and productive.  Good luck, and thanks for reading!


26 June 2010


I don't wait for moods.  You accomplish nothing if you do that.  Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.  --Pearl S. Buck


Now I don't know who Pearl S. Buck is, but they sure knew what they were talking about.  I am notorious for flying by the seat of my creative pants, which is all well and good, WHEN it happens.  I had set a task to write everyday, no matter what, and I've failed at that.  Why?  Because I wait for inspiration to come.  Bad Charlie!  So I'm taking this Pearl person's advice and getting down to work!  I've got too many WIPs and not enough focus!  And you never know, maybe I'll accidentally come across something inspiring during my hard work!  Good luck to you all!

Toast of the Day:
Here's to accidents that result in unexpected creative destinations!

Fun Fact:
 On this day in 1498, the toothbrush was invented in China!  Ha!  How about that?!


20 June 2010

Bad Boy Blogfest!!

Tina Lynn over at Sweet Niblets is holding a Bad Boy Blogfest today!  Thanks Tina!  Here is my entry!!  Hope you enjoy it!  I wrote it just now!  Can't wait to read everyone else's!

Light rain fell on his black trenchcoat, moistened his long dark hair.  He didn't mind the rain, he was more interested in his prey.  Dragan’s onyx gaze fell on her throat. Her slender white neck gleamed in the moonlight. She was a few rows over, kneeling down beside a headstone crafted into a somber angel figure. Why she was in a cemetery alone and at night was a mystery to him, but he did not truly care why; she was a meal to him, and nothing more. Yet she was overwhelming his keen senses. He could smell her aroma from his perch atop a crumbling, mossy headstone. She smelled sweetly of vanilla and lavender. Her warmth filled his nostrils, sending him into a frenzy. His hands shook with anticipation. But he knew he must control himself, he mustn’t scare her away. Not yet. He needed her blood inside him.

Dragan eased off the tombstone, quietly making his way towards the woman he now considered already dead. His quickness landed him directly behind her; his silence left him standing close and undetected. At this distance her sugary scent devastated him; he could taste her now. He shifted momentarily, his boot heel crushing a twig under its weight. She turned swiftly, catching a glimpse of a tall shadow of a man.

“Hello my dear. I am Dragan of the nightwalkers. I am here to ease your pain.” He smoothed a dark strand of hair away from her face, revealing the sadness in her eyes.

“Ease my pain? No one can easy my pain. Not anymore.”

She lightly ran a finger over the name on the headstone: Marcus Brennan. At that simple gesture she began crying all over again, tears mixing with the fresh rain. Dragan reached down and lifted her to his chest, wrapping his arms around her slim figure easily. She lost all composure then, sobbing into his shirt. He had her now.

“What’s your name, child?” He angled her chin upwards to see into her eyes.

“Elaina. My name is Elaina Brennan.”

“Well Elaina, prepare yourself for death.” Shocked, Elaina tried to pull away, pushing with all her strength against him. Effortlessly Dragan threaded his fingers through her hair and jerked her head back, revealing her soft, porcelain throat. A scream escaped her mouth, as his mouth lowered to her neck, piercing the skin with his razor teeth. Her syrupy blood teased his tongue, rolling around his mouth, increasing his need for more.

He drained her, leaving no trace of life. Propping her body up against Marcus’s grave, he glowed with triumph, his confidence growing with another successful kill.


17 June 2010

Tao Thursdays

It has been quite awhile since I did Taoism Thursday, and in fact I only did it once.  But today I'm feeling quite introspective, so here is some wisdom from the Tao. (Tao Te Ching as Translated by John C. H. Wu)

Bend and you will be whole.
Curl and you will be straight.
Keep empty and you will be filled.
Grow old and you will be renewed.

Have little and you will gain.
Have much and you will be confused.

That is only part of that one, but to me it is the most important part.  This "proverb" means so many things to me: be humble, be open, be unexpecting.  On top of that, just be and all will be well.  Whether you are 'bent' or 'curled', 'empty', 'old', or 'with little' all will come to be.  I love this 'proverb' and it helps me in my everyday life.  "How would I apply this to writing?" you may ask.  Well I think that if you don't force the writing, your true talent comes to fruition in the form of a masterpiece!  Now of course not always are our writing ventures successful, but definitely when things are allowed to flow naturally true magic happens.  I hope this wisdom can help you all in your adventures through life!


Toast of the Day:
Here's to surpassing expectations!

Journal Juju:
If your life was a box of Crackerjacks, what would the prize inside be?

15 June 2010

Character Interview Blogfest!!

Sangu over at Echoes of a Wayward Mind is hosting a Character Interview Blogfest today!!   Mine is available below.

I interviewed my main character, Holly Price ( from my WIP Shutter Click ).  The interview is a second in my series of interviews I have conducted with Holly.  So you're not lost, in the first interview Miss Price pulled a knife on me, attempting very heartily to stab me for asking her a question.  After we got permission to get her out of her cell for an interview, she was just a peach.  Here it is:

CQ: Hi Holly! Nice to see you again…in handcuffs. No weapons with you today, eh?

(Holly glares at Charlie.)

Holly: I’m so glad to see you again…alive. (Holly balls her restrained hands into fists, her knuckles turning white.)

CQ: So right now we’re talking to dark Holly. Your split personality disorder is fascinating. How does having two personalities make you feel?

Holly: Fuck you. Can I have a cigarette??

CQ: Lovely. We’ll have to edit that out. I guess that’s what I’ll have to deal with. Anyway, how are you feeling today?

Holly: Just fucking great. Thanks for pressing charges, cause spending time in a jail cell is my idea of fun. I’m peachy, and you’re a bitch. Bitch.

CQ: Holly, I’m going to be frank with you, I don’t want to do this interview any more than you, but my publisher’s need to know more about you. Can you cooperate just a little?

(Holly’s grimace doesn’t prove promising.)

Holly: Gimme a damn cigarette and we’ll talk – a little.

(The guard puts a cigarette in Holly’s lips and lights it for her.)

CQ: So tell me what your experience with having a split personality is like.

Holly: Fine, don’t know why you’re so goddamn interested in it, but whatever. It’s like this: I remember being who I am right now, and I have blackouts where I don’t remember anything for hours or even days, and as far as I know I’m only Holly Price.

CQ: Have you sought help for your blackouts?

Holly: Hell no! I don’t need no shrink spouting his psycho-babble bullshit at me.

(Charlie knows that Holly has been seeing a therapist for years, but moves on.)

CQ: Well besides your “non-problem”, what do you do for a living?

Holly: You’re a dumbass, you know that? You know I’m a forensic photographer. I take pictures of dead bodies. You gonna analyze that now?

(Holly takes a long drag off her cigarette, and squints menacingly at Charlie.)

CQ: Thanks for that, but no, I’m not going to analyze you. I’m just interested in sharing your story with my readers. So do you enjoy your job?

Holly: Oh yeah, dead bodies just get me all excited. No, it’s not the kind of happy-go-lucky satisfaction that I might get with taking pictures of flowers. But it is what it is.

CQ: I love your sarcasm. And the fact that you made it through a whole sentence without cussing. Anyway, what made you get into the forensic field of work?

Holly: (feigns a laugh) My father got me a camera for my 15th birthday. I loved that camera. (Holly stares longingly off into oblivion, obviously lost in thought.) I took pictures of anything and everything. And then my mother took it away from me. But I got it back. (She muttered something probably profane under her breath.)

CQ: Why such a negative emphasis on your parents?

Holly: I never knew my father, and my mother died when I was a teenager. The only thing I got from my father was my looks and that camera. My mother lent me only frustration and tears.

CQ: I’m sorry to hear you had such poor parents. How do you feel it has affected you as an adult?

Holly: Isn’t it obvious? I’m addicted to cigarettes and wine, I take photos of dead bodies for a living, and I haven’t had sex in god knows how long. I don’t even have any real friends. I’m super healthy, can’t you tell?

(Charlie could tell Holly was calmer, more subdued even.)

CQ: Jesus Holly. That’s a laundry list of negatives. It’s horrible to see someone sink so low due to the negligence of their parents.

Holly: Ya think? Thanks.

CQ: Well you had to have some positives in your life before now. Did you go to college or anything?

(Holly takes another drag, and gathers her thoughts. Several quiet, tense minutes pass.)

Holly: Yeah, I went to school. I went to the University of Washington. I did enjoy learning how to take better pictures. And learning the forensic side was fun. (Holly finishes her cigarette, flicking the butt onto the floor.) Your time is running out, and I need another cigarette.

(The guard readies another one and lights it. Holly takes a long drag, a satisfied look taking over her face.)

CQ: Okay, satisfied? Let’s move on. Are you originally from Washington?

Holly: Yes, I grew up in Seattle and the surrounding towns.

CQ: That’s a great area; I’ve visited a few times. It rains a lot though.

Holly: Yeah, that’s what everyone says. So why are we talking about the damn weather?

CQ: Sorry. Let’s get back to you. How did you afford such an expensive school? Was your mother well-off?

Holly: She had a little money that she wasted on herself and fancy curtains. I had to work through college the hard way, getting student loans and having 3 jobs on top of a full school schedule. Thanks mom. I didn’t get anything when she died. Just a couple of crappy years in a mental institution.

CQ: You were hospitalized? Why?

Holly: Because I murdered my mother, but was found to be mentally ill enough to not know what I was doing. When I was 18 I was re-evaluated and my illness was controllable with medication. I was free to live what life I could.

CQ: So you murdered your mother, and now you’re roaming around free. Wow. And without an ounce of guilt.

Holly: It was an accident, Charlie.

CQ: Riiiight. How did you kill her exactly?

Holly: I stabbed her, and she fell down the stairs.

CQ: Well thanks for your blunt honesty. So that’s when your personality split, to save your mind. Well it’s surprising that you are mostly fine now, considering what you’ve been through.

Holly: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just do what I can; go to work, come home, drink, sleep.

(The guard interrupts, noting it’s time to wrap it up)

CQ: I guess our time is up Holly. I’ll be out of your hair now, at least for a little while.

Holly: Greeaaaaat. (Holly rolls her eyes dramatically)

CQ: Your attitude has been super today, and I’m glad I don’t have to press anymore charges.

Holly: This time.

CQ: Well then, until next time Miss Holly.


Hope you enjoyed this little adventure into Holly Price's psyche! 

09 June 2010

Blogfest Mania!

I've been reading WriteRunner's blog about upcoming blogfests and how to host one, and for some crazy reason I decided it would be fun to do just that.  I love participating in blogfests, and I know you all do too.  So I've started a poll with some ideas I came up with, but would also like to take suggestions for what you all might want to do.  So let me know!  Twitter me ( @CharlieQuillen) or comment here with all your fantastic ideas!!

08 June 2010

Tingle on Tuesday

My fingers are tingling on this fine Tuesday.  From what you may ask?  From the amazing verbage flowing from them!  I wrote close to 2000 words today in my WIP, O Negative, and I feel fantastic about it!  Tingly in fact! LOL  My main character is fleshing out well, the plot is coming along, however I do need a little work on my descriptions and flow.  Overall, things are moving in the write (right LOL) direction. 

Anyhoo, just a check-in.  How are you guys doing with your progress?

Toast of the Day:
Here's to enthusiasm!

07 June 2010

Monday: In My Coffee Cup

There is more in my coffee cup today than some smooth hazelnut flavored coffee.  There is hope.  There is a challenge.  But mostly there is a chance to write something wonderful - it's just all waiting to be drank in and utilized!  I have finally started writing again, and feverishly at that.  I also am writing out of my comfort zone, which is usually murder mysteries.  This time around I'm trying to conquer the paranormal world.  No vampires though. :) *giggle*

I'm calling it O Negative, and I absolutely love it.  I'm immersed in it so wholly that I can't stop thinking about it.  I want to actually finish this time, so I'm more determined than ever.  I am however undecided on the length of the book, not sure how many words I want to shoot for.  I guess I'll figure it out as I go - I've already got the plot outlined and the chapters figured out.  Now for the words! 

*Gulp*  Down goes all the awesomeness in my coffee cup this morning!  What's in your cup today?

06 June 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge: Final Update!

It's the end for me!  I made it 14 hours.  I am so tired right now I can't see straight, so I've made a command decision to end my reading.  I stopped on page 63 of 370 in The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey, and read 312 pp from Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey, so I've a total of 375 pp read.  Glad we're not being judged by the quantity of books. :)  It's been a blast and a challenge, thanks to Mother Reader for holding this fantastic challenge!  I'm off now to sleep, and then start writing on a new WIP I started forming yesterday!  Good luck to all who are still reading, and congrats to those who have finished!

Hours Read: 14


48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #4

WOOOOHOOO!  I've finished my first book for the 48 Hour Book Challenge!  Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey.  My goodness it was a great book.  The first book in the series (Dragonflight) was good but slower; this one was fast paced, adventurous, fun, and emotional.  I actually care about the characters as if I knew them personally - Anne McCaffrey does a fantastic job at making you (the reader) connect with all the characters.  Just, wow, you know?  I will recommend this series highly to anyone who asks.  Maybe even those that don't.  Now I have to read the third book in the series, The White Dragon.  I am getting a bit sleepy, so I may take a nappy nap for a few hours.  Here are my stats so far:

Hours read: 11
Hours blogged/twittered: 2
Total hours: 13
Hours to reach goal: 7


05 June 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #3

Well, things are not looking good for my goal of 30 hours.  I don't even have 30 hours left.  So I'm going to try to hit 20 hours.  I hate changing a goal, but, well, it had to be done.  I'm really having a hard time sitting still long enough to concentrate on reading.  I keep thinking about writing, painting, the sunshine, food, whatever it may be.  I only have 100 pages left in this book, and I really want to knock them out, but I'm so darn distracted!

Hours Read: 8
Hours Blogged/Twittered: 1.5
Total Hours: 9.5
Hours to NEW Goal: 10.5

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #2

Well I'm 5 hours in, on page 152 of 312 of Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey, drinking some coffee, and feelin good.  Halfway done with the book, but I'm reading faster today, hope it doesn't take me another 5 hours to finish it.  Well I hope I read for at least 5 more hours! :)  I hope I can reach my mark of 30 hours.  I hope all of you make your goals!!  Good luck!

Hours Read: 5
Hours Blogged/Twittered: 1
Total so far: 6
Hours to go to goal: 24

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #1

I have read for 2.5 hours and reached page 81 of 312 of Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey.  I don't know if that's good or not, and I know we're being judged by quantity of time, not books, but I still can't help feeling as if I'm behind everyone else. 

I did only start at 6 pm, followed by an hour of reading blogs about the 48hbc and several minutes here and there twittering about the whole thing.  Then I promptly fell asleep, lights still on and everything.

Now it's 5 am, I feel refreshed, and I have a plan.  1 hour of reading, 5 minutes or less of twitter about progress.  That way I can mark my way hourly and stay on track, i.e. if I have a slow hour because the dog wouldn't get her nose out of my face, etc. 

Writing this took 10 minutes of the hour I have for every 5 of reading, and twittering every hour is 25 minutes of that hour.  So in 2.5 more hours of reading I'll be blogging again with the remaining 25 minutes of my hour.  See?  It's easy!  LOL  Good luck to you all - see ya in the twitterverse!

Here's some Bunneh to get you all started!!

04 June 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge!

Mother Reader is hosting the Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge!  See how much you can read in 48 hours!!  I am going to read from 6pm MST on Friday (today) to 6pm MST on Sunday.  I'm hoping to reach 30 hours, if not more.  Coffee here I come!!

Here is the list of books I plan on reading:

Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey
The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson
The Girl Who Played With Fire by Steig Larsson

I've got twenty minutes until I start, I've got my Triple Venti Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks in hand, my trusty Nook at my side, and lots of brainpower to boot!  Off I go!  Good luck to you all!

Dream Sequence Blogfest!!!

There is a Dream Sequence blogfest being held by Amalia T. over at Good to Begin Well, Better to End Well!!!   It's a fantastic opportunity to test the waters with writing a dream sequence - not always an easy or well recieved part of writing.  So here's my Dream Sequence - Enjoy!


From a BRAND NEW WIP named O Negative:

Mist flowed around her feet, crept up the back of her thighs, enveloped her waist. The fog encircled her entire body, caressing her face gently. All around her was darkness except for a purple glow emanating from under the door, mesmerizing her. Her senses were heightened; her toes gripped the cool hardwood floor beneath, her breath was shallow and focused, she listened so intently she could hear her heart beating slow and hard in her chest. She slowly inched towards the strange door, placing her fingertip lightly on the silver filigree doorknob. A shiver of goose bumps shot up her arm as she felt the cold metal under her hand.

What is behind this door??” She contemplated the millions of possibilities that lay before her on the other side of the thick oak.

She could faintly make out a melody floating out from under the door; an eerie sing-song tune that crept into her ears like a ghost.

Alex wants to come and play..Alex wants to come and stay..Alex..Aaaaallllleexxxxx……ALEX!” The sheer volume of the last note stung her ears as she jumped several inches off the floor. Her heart thumped erratically, taking her breath with it. She couldn’t place the voice, but it sounded familiar; a young girl’s boisterous tone had asked her to come and play - and to stay.

What in the hell is going on….” Alex rubbed her palms on her jeans, leaving sweaty handprints behind. She gulped one last time as she turned the knob slowly.

She pushed lightly on the door, fearing what was to come. Peering around the door Alex squinted with anticipation. Her breath was still, her mind was racing. She entered the wall of purple mist, anxious to see what this room was all about. The fog cleared, and she saw a young girl seated at a small white table surrounded by dolls. She was having a tea party all by herself.

“Who are you?” Alex questioned the girl.

“I am Alex. Who are you?” She glanced sideways at Alex. Alex tilted her head in confusion.

“But I’m Alex…”

“Can’t we both be Alex?” The young girl smiled coyly.

“I guess….what are you doing here?” Alex seated herself at the table, squishing herself into the small chair.

“I am here to kill you. Would you like some tea first?” She poured a tiny cup of the brown liquid and dunked two sugar cubes into it. “I know just how you like it. How we like it. Drink up!”

Older Alex jumped to her feet to attempt to flee the room, but the door had disappeared. Young Alex stood up, smoothed her braids, and pulled a knife from her frilly apron.

“Come and play Alex! Come and play!” Young Alex started after Older Alex. Older Alex was pounding the spot on the wall where the door used to be. The knife blade glinted in the young girl’s eyes. She had the blade firmly in her grasp, ready to plunge it into Alex’s back.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Alex’s fists burned with pain, her cheeks red with tears, her voice a shrill scream.

“Let me out of here!! Please!!” She pounded the door feverishly; on the last pound she flew through the wall and hit the floor of her bedroom hard, screeching the whole way down. She had made it out, but how? Her head thumped from the fall, a lump growing where it had landed. She patted her body down, checking for blood or cuts, but nothing was found. Looking behind her for a door she gasped at the sight of a knife point sticking out of her wall.

Hope you liked it!  Go check out Amalia's blog to link yours!!

03 June 2010

Unavailable Thursday

Yes, I am unavailable.  I am unavailable because I am doing nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Nothing. NOTHING!!!  It is blissful, quiet, tranquil, and AWESOME.  After this blog post I'll really be doing nothing and it will be even more AWESOME.  And just when you thought it couldn't get better, it does.  I have the house to myself - which is AWESOME in its own right.  What would you do if you could do nothing?  *wink wink*  NOTHING of course!!  Here's my toast of the day:

Toast of the Day:
Here's to NOTHING!

I hope all of you get a chance to experience some nothing every once in awhile.  And not the nothing that's in The Neverending Story - that's a scary sort of nothing.  Just the quiet, peaceful nothing that peeks out from between the curtain that is life.

02 June 2010

Wrapped up in Wednesday

Welcome to June! ( a day late, but oh well )  It finally feels like summer here in Denver, getting up into the 90's and all the beautiful sunny days are changing the way I look at life.  It's literally brightening my day!  How is the weather where you are at? 

Also, from my trusty Awe-Manac, it's National Candy Month!!  I-i-i-i-i-i want candy!!!  :)  Get a piece of your favorite candy right now!  Munch on it!!  Savor it!!  My favorite candies are Skittles!!  The purple bag of course.  What's your favorite?

Today is also Wednesday, as noted in my title.  Wednesdays are almost always overlooked, as just another day in the middle of the week getting in the way of reaching Friday.  Wednesdays are forgotten in the rush to see our weekend - never getting the respect it deserves.  Wednesday is underestimated as the just the middle of the road, when its possibilities can lead to magical adventures!!  Monday and Tuesday are gone by the time we reach Wednesday.  But there still remains Thursday AND Friday until the weekend.  There is still time to start a project or catch up on something you didn't give yourself time to do on the two prior days!  Relish in Wednesday's gift of time and get to doing stuff!  Maybe add some Wednesday words to your WIP!  Paint some Wednesday into art!  Sing a song about Wednesday!  Okay, so maybe I'm a little over dramatic about Wednesday, but am I wrong?  :)

Lastly, here is an inspring Wednesday quote:

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

-Albert Einstein

Remember to live in this Wednesday.  Thursday is only a few hours away.

Toast of The Day:
Here's to those pens that make your writing look better than it usually does!


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