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09 June 2010

Blogfest Mania!

I've been reading WriteRunner's blog about upcoming blogfests and how to host one, and for some crazy reason I decided it would be fun to do just that.  I love participating in blogfests, and I know you all do too.  So I've started a poll with some ideas I came up with, but would also like to take suggestions for what you all might want to do.  So let me know!  Twitter me ( @CharlieQuillen) or comment here with all your fantastic ideas!!


  1. I love blogfests. Zombies seem popular all across blogville. You might have a Zombie Blogfest : call it ZOMBIE LOVE! I'm only half joking. I think it might be popular. Roland

  2. That sounds cool!! I'll put it on the list of possibilities!! Thanks Roland!

  3. What happened to the zombie choice?
    Thanks for the mention!

  4. It won't let me change the poll to add a zombie choice because people have already voted. :(

  5. I think i've got an idea. "Fortune Cookie Fest" !! No matter what the premise, the MC encounters a fortune cookie, and the fortune affects them somehow......Hmmm...

  6. Hi there! Let me know when you've fixed your date and I'll add you to my list o'Blogfests&Contests!



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