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05 June 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #3

Well, things are not looking good for my goal of 30 hours.  I don't even have 30 hours left.  So I'm going to try to hit 20 hours.  I hate changing a goal, but, well, it had to be done.  I'm really having a hard time sitting still long enough to concentrate on reading.  I keep thinking about writing, painting, the sunshine, food, whatever it may be.  I only have 100 pages left in this book, and I really want to knock them out, but I'm so darn distracted!

Hours Read: 8
Hours Blogged/Twittered: 1.5
Total Hours: 9.5
Hours to NEW Goal: 10.5


  1. No worries. I'm having that kind of weekend too. It looked clear, but things keep infiltrating my time. Remember it's all about the fun.



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