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05 June 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update #1

I have read for 2.5 hours and reached page 81 of 312 of Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey.  I don't know if that's good or not, and I know we're being judged by quantity of time, not books, but I still can't help feeling as if I'm behind everyone else. 

I did only start at 6 pm, followed by an hour of reading blogs about the 48hbc and several minutes here and there twittering about the whole thing.  Then I promptly fell asleep, lights still on and everything.

Now it's 5 am, I feel refreshed, and I have a plan.  1 hour of reading, 5 minutes or less of twitter about progress.  That way I can mark my way hourly and stay on track, i.e. if I have a slow hour because the dog wouldn't get her nose out of my face, etc. 

Writing this took 10 minutes of the hour I have for every 5 of reading, and twittering every hour is 25 minutes of that hour.  So in 2.5 more hours of reading I'll be blogging again with the remaining 25 minutes of my hour.  See?  It's easy!  LOL  Good luck to you all - see ya in the twitterverse!

Here's some Bunneh to get you all started!!


  1. I feel a little behind too...I read about 5 hours last night but only got about 250 pages...I am reading "The Passage" by Justin Cronin and I am just enchanted by it so I am savoring it....but I feel like I need to pick up the pace! Nice to meet you! Good Luck!


  2. What sweet bunny! :-)

    Just wanted to cheer you on: keep going! I rad 86 pages in 3 hours but my book is quite slow, you have to read every single word. (if you have time!).

  3. Wow, you go girl! Unfortunately I am not a fast reader. The fastest I read a book was Twilight in five days. I read faster when I'm not writing one but since I'm up to my eyeballs in my latest WIP I won't be joining the challenge. I'll be cheering you on though!



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