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04 June 2010

Dream Sequence Blogfest!!!

There is a Dream Sequence blogfest being held by Amalia T. over at Good to Begin Well, Better to End Well!!!   It's a fantastic opportunity to test the waters with writing a dream sequence - not always an easy or well recieved part of writing.  So here's my Dream Sequence - Enjoy!


From a BRAND NEW WIP named O Negative:

Mist flowed around her feet, crept up the back of her thighs, enveloped her waist. The fog encircled her entire body, caressing her face gently. All around her was darkness except for a purple glow emanating from under the door, mesmerizing her. Her senses were heightened; her toes gripped the cool hardwood floor beneath, her breath was shallow and focused, she listened so intently she could hear her heart beating slow and hard in her chest. She slowly inched towards the strange door, placing her fingertip lightly on the silver filigree doorknob. A shiver of goose bumps shot up her arm as she felt the cold metal under her hand.

What is behind this door??” She contemplated the millions of possibilities that lay before her on the other side of the thick oak.

She could faintly make out a melody floating out from under the door; an eerie sing-song tune that crept into her ears like a ghost.

Alex wants to come and play..Alex wants to come and stay..Alex..Aaaaallllleexxxxx……ALEX!” The sheer volume of the last note stung her ears as she jumped several inches off the floor. Her heart thumped erratically, taking her breath with it. She couldn’t place the voice, but it sounded familiar; a young girl’s boisterous tone had asked her to come and play - and to stay.

What in the hell is going on….” Alex rubbed her palms on her jeans, leaving sweaty handprints behind. She gulped one last time as she turned the knob slowly.

She pushed lightly on the door, fearing what was to come. Peering around the door Alex squinted with anticipation. Her breath was still, her mind was racing. She entered the wall of purple mist, anxious to see what this room was all about. The fog cleared, and she saw a young girl seated at a small white table surrounded by dolls. She was having a tea party all by herself.

“Who are you?” Alex questioned the girl.

“I am Alex. Who are you?” She glanced sideways at Alex. Alex tilted her head in confusion.

“But I’m Alex…”

“Can’t we both be Alex?” The young girl smiled coyly.

“I guess….what are you doing here?” Alex seated herself at the table, squishing herself into the small chair.

“I am here to kill you. Would you like some tea first?” She poured a tiny cup of the brown liquid and dunked two sugar cubes into it. “I know just how you like it. How we like it. Drink up!”

Older Alex jumped to her feet to attempt to flee the room, but the door had disappeared. Young Alex stood up, smoothed her braids, and pulled a knife from her frilly apron.

“Come and play Alex! Come and play!” Young Alex started after Older Alex. Older Alex was pounding the spot on the wall where the door used to be. The knife blade glinted in the young girl’s eyes. She had the blade firmly in her grasp, ready to plunge it into Alex’s back.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Alex’s fists burned with pain, her cheeks red with tears, her voice a shrill scream.

“Let me out of here!! Please!!” She pounded the door feverishly; on the last pound she flew through the wall and hit the floor of her bedroom hard, screeching the whole way down. She had made it out, but how? Her head thumped from the fall, a lump growing where it had landed. She patted her body down, checking for blood or cuts, but nothing was found. Looking behind her for a door she gasped at the sight of a knife point sticking out of her wall.

Hope you liked it!  Go check out Amalia's blog to link yours!!


  1. ooohhhh creeeepppyyy

    It's always a bad idea to meet your doppelgänger ....especially a younger one....

  2. ROFL--Andrew took the words out of my mouth. I was going to say, "oooh, creepy!" too! ;)
    this sounds like a piece straight from a movie! Great writing, girl! ;)

    come and visit me any time!

  3. Eerie and vivid and everyone's worst nightmare. :) Great entry for the blogfest.

  4. Wow. I have chills, in the best, worst way. Really great entry!!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

    Ps. I love the knife sticking out of the wall.

  5. Love the title of your WIP and have to say this was quite creepy, like shivers up and down my spine creepy. Nice job, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Whoa-- that knife point sticking out of the wall was a chilling end for this scene. Nicely done! Thanks for participating!



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