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17 June 2010

Tao Thursdays

It has been quite awhile since I did Taoism Thursday, and in fact I only did it once.  But today I'm feeling quite introspective, so here is some wisdom from the Tao. (Tao Te Ching as Translated by John C. H. Wu)

Bend and you will be whole.
Curl and you will be straight.
Keep empty and you will be filled.
Grow old and you will be renewed.

Have little and you will gain.
Have much and you will be confused.

That is only part of that one, but to me it is the most important part.  This "proverb" means so many things to me: be humble, be open, be unexpecting.  On top of that, just be and all will be well.  Whether you are 'bent' or 'curled', 'empty', 'old', or 'with little' all will come to be.  I love this 'proverb' and it helps me in my everyday life.  "How would I apply this to writing?" you may ask.  Well I think that if you don't force the writing, your true talent comes to fruition in the form of a masterpiece!  Now of course not always are our writing ventures successful, but definitely when things are allowed to flow naturally true magic happens.  I hope this wisdom can help you all in your adventures through life!


Toast of the Day:
Here's to surpassing expectations!

Journal Juju:
If your life was a box of Crackerjacks, what would the prize inside be?


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