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01 September 2011

Design Your Book Cover Contest!

Today is the day to post the book covers you created for the contest held by Teralyn Rose at A Writer's Journey !!

Here is the link to her post with the linky to sign up:
So remember:
1.People with the most followers on their blog always win these contests. It takes all the fun out of it. Please be fair and vote for ones that deserve it.
2.Don't open an entry or vote on one just because it has a lot of likes; that's not fair either.
3.Don't vote for yourself three times.

So without further ado:

Sacred Blood


My paranormal fantasy

Hope you like it!  If you get curious about where the art is from, just ask.  I give credit where it is due.

Thanks for looking!  Can't wait to see all of yours!



  1. Wow, I love the contrast, both between the black and white/red, and the skull and the rose. Awesome job on the cover! (But maybe go back and put your name on it real quick?!) I love your site and I'm a new follower (I'm #9 on the linky list).

  2. Thanks @Lady Gwen!! How could I NOT have put my name on it?! And thanks for the observations! AND thanks for being a follower! So many thanks! I'm going to go check out your cover when I can get that page to load!! :D

  3. The colors are stunning! The skull definitely caught my eye. Thanks for participating in my contest!

  4. Whoa, love the skull with the rose. Great cover.

  5. Wow, the whiteness of the skull against the red, red rose looks great!

  6. What a dramatic cover! I'm a fellow contestant (#8) and just got here on my visit to all the wonderful covers and I'm amazed at all the talented authors.

  7. Very compelling book cover! How do you do that!!

  8. Wow this looks sooooo chilling, and in a good way! Nice overlapping of the skull and the rose; in a way, it's like the skull is bent down to kiss the rose. Great job!




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