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02 June 2010

Wrapped up in Wednesday

Welcome to June! ( a day late, but oh well )  It finally feels like summer here in Denver, getting up into the 90's and all the beautiful sunny days are changing the way I look at life.  It's literally brightening my day!  How is the weather where you are at? 

Also, from my trusty Awe-Manac, it's National Candy Month!!  I-i-i-i-i-i want candy!!!  :)  Get a piece of your favorite candy right now!  Munch on it!!  Savor it!!  My favorite candies are Skittles!!  The purple bag of course.  What's your favorite?

Today is also Wednesday, as noted in my title.  Wednesdays are almost always overlooked, as just another day in the middle of the week getting in the way of reaching Friday.  Wednesdays are forgotten in the rush to see our weekend - never getting the respect it deserves.  Wednesday is underestimated as the just the middle of the road, when its possibilities can lead to magical adventures!!  Monday and Tuesday are gone by the time we reach Wednesday.  But there still remains Thursday AND Friday until the weekend.  There is still time to start a project or catch up on something you didn't give yourself time to do on the two prior days!  Relish in Wednesday's gift of time and get to doing stuff!  Maybe add some Wednesday words to your WIP!  Paint some Wednesday into art!  Sing a song about Wednesday!  Okay, so maybe I'm a little over dramatic about Wednesday, but am I wrong?  :)

Lastly, here is an inspring Wednesday quote:

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

-Albert Einstein

Remember to live in this Wednesday.  Thursday is only a few hours away.

Toast of The Day:
Here's to those pens that make your writing look better than it usually does!


  1. Ooh, look at you with that positive energy :) I love the way you think about Wednesdays and you are completely right!



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