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22 December 2009

How are those balls coming??

So here are all the goodies my friend Jen and I made lastnight. We were up until at least 10pm making sure they were beautiful. Jen made the cookies, I made the pretzo-sticks (as I call 'em.) There are "the best sugar cookies ever", thumbprint s'more cookies, white chocolate peppermint pretzo-sticks, and german chocolate butterscotch pretzo-sticks. SOOOoooOOOooo good! She was amazin! Jen is a baking guru! I would've been covered in flour from head to toe, chocolate melted everywhere, and had burnt cookies in the end. She is the real master, I just dipped and rolled. *tee hee* She rolled like a billion balls lastnight! So funny, "How are those balls coming?" All she could do was laugh, when I added, "What's wrong with your balls? Dough not stiff enough? I've got a dipstick right here and it's firm as hell!" We are such nerds, I love it.
Anyway, I hope that there are other people bringing stuff as well, because I want to eat as many of these sweet things as possible without feeling bad about sharing. I am representing my boyfriend with my amazing shepard's pie;making everyone jealous is what I do. :)
Keep your eye on the 'ball'......


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