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18 December 2009

The toast clock

Well this is my first blog ever, and I am a little nervous. I probably won't write much, but that's okay, it's my blog damnit and I can write what I want.

The title of my page is Life Happens, as is so very, very true. This has been a crazy year for me, but has helped inspire me to write again. I am working on my first novel and will be posting my progress here as I search for a publishing company that will fall in love with me and my story. So far I have about 9,800 words in what I want to name Shutter Click. We will see how it goes.

Lastly, today is Friday, the final day in a crazy BORING week. One nice thing, I got my own desk! I get to decorate, and finally buy that clock that looks like a piece of toast. I freaking LOVE crazy office supplies.

So with that, I'm off, I have Halloween pictures to upload (yes, late I know) and hair to fix for my date with my awesomely hot boyfriend. *giggle*

Signing off,



  1. I want a clock that looks like a cup of coffee. I guess we both like breakfast time ;-)



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