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29 December 2009

Critique Me! Or don't. But do something!

At times I feel like this bright lightbulb, but most days I am one of those others.  I am battling with my need for positive (or any) feedback and my need to finish writing my book.  If I spend all my time waiting around for someone to read or edit what I have so far, I will never reach the end.  But I so badly need some feedback.  Who do I ask to read my writing?  No close friends want to, they are too afraid of hurting my feelings.  No one understands that I just want objective criticism.  You got it?  Give it to me!!  Tell me if you want to read my stuff - tell me if you don't!  Just tell me.  I'm addicted to feedback.  Grrr.  Maybe today is just a dark lightbulb day.


  1. Every writer I know is addicted to feedback-- we have to be, its how we judge how if the work is living up to the promise in our mind.

    There are plenty of places to get feedback.

    I've just joined this place

    So far it seems like a great place to get feedback.

  2. Thank you..for the feedback..LOL I will check this site out. I appreciate it.



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