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19 December 2009

Frustration in the Street Light

Here it is, 6 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm awake as if it were Wednesday or something. I'm stuck with this orange street light mocking me, as if to say "Get the hell back to sleep or I'm only going to get brighter and more obnoxious!" I'm not quite sure what to do with my days off, there is a lack of purpose I don't do well with. I can always keep writing, as I hit almost 11,000 last night. This is the problem: there are too many possibilities for me to handle, so I just shut down and blog. :P
I am surprised, by the way, that I already have 3 followers (that fourth doesn't count, it's me)!! You guys rock! I liked some of the links to other blogs you guys had too. I see why this is such a great networking tool! Blarg!!
Today I feel like taking my amazing dog for a walk around the neighborhood. She needs it just as much as I do. It's just colder than a witches tit outside, as my mother would say. Right now we've got 19 degrees. BBBrrrrRRrrrRRRrRrrrrr!!!! So we'll see about the walk. I love you Lucy, but sometimes it's just too freakin cold.
Lastly, I am starving, AND lazy. Oatmeal sounds amazing right now, but I'd have to, like, make it! Garsh. MmMmmmMMMmmmmm oatmeallllllll.....

And Off I Go, to the Wonderful Wizard of Quaker Oatmeal



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