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20 December 2009

I Didn't Do It!

So if you've read, I'm writing a novel. I've gotten about 11,000 words into this murder mystery and have written my first murder. I had a friend read some of my writing, and she was ecstaticly disturbed. Which was exciting for me, however when I had a nightmare about my own murder scene, I became a little more worried about her comment. That's when I remembered this scarf, and realized, I should be wearing it all times in order to warn people! :) My friend called me beautifully twisted, which is a good thing in the book department, and I hope it means a lot of people will buy and read my book. Or books.

On another morbid note, I'm going to pass on the info about Brittany Murphy. She died. At 32. Of a heart attack. There you go. I now feel like TMZ or some crap. But it's weird, and sad. I liked her, and liked most of her movies. I guess we'll be hearing about this for quite awhile, so no need for me to go on and on about it.

By the way, I am a crime scene, and you should keep out of my brain. Just enjoy my book when it's ready, and don't question anything. ;)

P.S. Got all of my cards done, and even MADE cards for those local people who don't need stamps. I'm mentally wasted. Cleared out too many cobwebs.



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