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20 December 2009

Christmas Spirit Sucks Sometimes

This morning has been productive so far; I haven't even turned the tv on. I did go to facebook, but who misses a minute on there? Plus I was uploading photos galore. I finally got around to those Halloween pictures - only a month and half later. I do what I want! *wink*

I also had to get some photos printed out for my mother's christmas card contents, as she has is technologically challenged and can't check Facebook on any kind of basis. I'm just soooo super nice I did all this for everyone; no one wants hard copies of photos anymore, except my mom.
I've been sitting on my hardwood floor for over an hour scanning in photos, loading new cartridges, getting photo paper, and trying to enjoy my coffee. I officially can't feel my ass. Oh well, it's done now! And they all have what they want, and so do I: not getting bugged about pictures anymore! *giggle*
So tomorrow I send my Christmas cards, as they are my "remember I'm broke" presents to my family. Hopefully they make it there in time to start the fire for the roasted chestnuts, or marshmallows. Mmmmmm mallows.....
P.S. Photo courtesy of Check her stuff out, it's wet-your-pants hilarious. At least to me. :)


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