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27 December 2009

Character Interview

Here is an interview with the MC from my book.  Hope this goes well.

Charlie: I am here today with Holly Price, main character of Shutter Click.  Hello, Holly! How are things today?

Holly: Not too bad, considering how much death I looked at today.

Charlie: I'm sorry to hear that, is it difficult for you to handle seeing dead bodies?

Holly: NO! I just wanted to finish my breakfast today before I got yet another phone call about another girl who was killed.

(Holly fidgets with her dark ringlets, wrapping and unwrapping them around her finger.)

Charlie: Well what made you want to get into the forensics business?

Holly: When I was 15 my father got me a camera for my birthday.  It sort of started my interest in photographing things.  Everything.  I found I especially enjoyed taking photos of people doing everyday things; playing with a puppy, taking out the garbage, brushing their hair.

(Holly seemed anxious talking about the past, and her leg starts tapping furiously.)

Charlie: Why do you put such a negative emphasis on 'father'?

(Holly's eye seemed to twitch with rage.)

Holly: I refuse to talk about him, except for that I've come to terms with his never being around, but I don't want him around now.  Pick something else to talk about now.

Charlie: No problem, I apologize for bringing up a sensitive subject.  Next question then: how does photographing murdered people affect your personal life?

(Holly glares at me, flips me off, and walks out of the room.)

Charlie: I guess that was too hard of a question for her.  I guess we'll have to...Oh wait, she's coming back!

(Holly comes in apologetically and takes her seat.)

Holly: I'm so very sorry Miss.  I didn't mean to be so rude.  I am just sensitive about my work, as it has affected my personal life so wholly.

Charlie: Not a problem at all, no judgement here Holly.  If you don't mind then, how has it affected you?

Holly: I have one friend, no love life, and I frequently eat alone at cafes.  It's rather pathetic, I think.

Charlie: You are pretty busy with your work though, that is usually cause for having a nil social life.

Holly: Mine is more an anti-social life.  There just isn't one, and I avoid it at all costs.  It's so much easier, and yes, I am exhausted from phone calls at 2 am, late nights, nightmares; it's a desperate sort of life.

(Holly rubs her forehead, releasing some tension.)

Charlie: Well I'm very sorry to hear about all of your tribulations Miss Holly, it seems like a life not chosen.

Holly: It's not. I couldn't be doing anything else and even be remotely happy.  It is thrilling trying to catch a killer, regardless of what it does to your life.

Charlie:  I can literally only imagine what that's like, the frustration and desperation of not finding the perpetrator, followed by celebration and elation at the end.

Holly: Sorry Miss, you're a bit off.  Yes, it's frustrating, it's full of desperation.  But there isn't really a celebration or bouts of elation when we catch someone.  Because when we catch someone, that means they still killed a person, now they are just going to pay for it.

Charlie: You're right on that one.  Thank you for doing what you do, and I'm sorry to hear your life isn't going so well.  Anything I can do?

(Holly seems to switch back to the angry mode she was in at the beginning; her eyes turning an deep onyx.)

Holly: How dare you even think your insignificance could EVER make a difference in our life!  We like things just the way they are, and Holly here can't do anything to change that, and neither can you. 

(Holly pulls out a long, sharp blade and threatens my throat with it.)

Charlie: STOP! STOP! Security!!!!!

(Holly is carted away by nervous looking police officers.)

Charlie: Sheesh! What in the hell??  At least she didn't get close enough to me.  How's my hair?  Still okay?  Good, lets get prepped for the next interview.



  1. Very Nicely Done. It seems as though Poor Holly has some issues. lol. Daddy issues, work issues, anti-social life issues. Those are some awesome topics to dig into the make Holly even more real.

    Good Luck

    Robert E.

  2. Dude, schizophrenic forensic photographer. (just a guess.) I have got to read this book.



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