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06 March 2010

A small, yet important epiphany

While writing on the fourth day I discovered my story was forming something of a prequel to my other WIP.  It was beautiful!  I didn't even notice!  Now I have the framework and focus to really write some words!  I'm so very excited.  My characters in my main WIP will have more depth now based on what I'm discovering in this new transcript.  On another note, I didn't write yesterday.  Instead I went and saw Alice in Wonderland!  AMAZING!  I want to watch it again today, but I have other more "important" things to do, like clean.  Bleh.  Anyways, off I go.



  1. It's amazing what a prequel can do for a story isn't it? I just started writing a sort of prequel to the first series I ever wrote. The prequel is YA, the series is epic fantasy. But it all fits together so well it feels like it's going to be brilliant! And you're right, the prequel is starting to add a lot of depth to the other books. Congrats on your epiphany!

  2. Charlie! You know, I've always wondered about writing a sequel to any one of my books. By the sounds of it, it sounds as if it could make the first story richer. Come alive, almost. I might just try that...

    Thank you for coming by and being a follower on my blog! It's so fun to see new faces!

    Oh! My sister had invited me to see that movie with her, but I told her I'd rather write. She took my daughter instead and I got a chapter down...



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