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01 March 2010

First Excerpt

Mist flowed around her feet, crept up the back of her thighs, enveloped her waist. The fog encircled her entire body, caressing her face gently. All around her was darkness except for a purple glow emanating from under the door, mesmerizing her. Her senses were heightened; her toes gripped the cool hardwood floor beneath, her breath was shallow and focused, she listened so intently she could hear her heart beating slow and hard in her chest. She slowly inched towards the strange door, placing her fingertip lightly on the silver filigree doorknob. A shiver of goose bumps shot up her arm as she felt the cold metal under her hand.

“What is behind this door??” She contemplated the millions of possibilities that lay before her on the other side of the thick oak. She gulped one last time as she turned the knob.

That's it for tonight, it's getting late and I gotta get some laundry put away.  Happy writing to all!!

-Sleepy Charlie


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