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15 March 2010

Back to Work Monday

"If you always take time to stop and smell the roses, sooner or later, you'll inhale a bee." - Anonymous

This quote reminds me to keep working amongst all the fun of life.  Slack off too much and it'll eventually catch up with you.  It's been a few days since I've put pen to paper, so to speak, or more correct fingers to the keyboard, and I have to start again!  It's Monday!  Time to get back to the grind of working.  Just in moderation, cause I'm still gonna take time to smell some roses along the way!

In addition, my Awe-Manac tells me it's Rude Awakenings Day.  So my Journal Juju for the day is this:

Any rude awakenings lately?  List any from the past and elaborate on at least one.  Use your daily soul vitamin (provided in the book) for inspiration.

Daily soul vitamin: "Never take counsel of your fears."  -Andrew Jackson

Journal Juju:
I've had quite a few rude awakenings lately.  One in particular being the fact that I am merely a speck of sand amongst a worldwide beach of people.  Not putting myself down, I just realized that if I want to make a difference and do more than just exist I must actually try at life.  But taking inspiration from Mr. Jackson up there, I can't be afraid of trying!  So off I go, trying to make a difference with my smallness!  :) 

One more thing before I go, I'm starting Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice today!  So excited to be reading a super classic!  Wish me luck!

One last last thing I'd like to implement from the Awe-Manac:
Toast of the Day:
Here's to finding a twenty dollar bill in your pocket! 


  1. One of my rude awakenings: Sometimes I realize I do the very things that other people do that bugs me when they do it. Have fun with Elizabeth and Darcy! :)

  2. That's hilarious! You'll inhale a bee! That's a great way to remind up to keep working between those moments of smelling the roses. :)

  3. MT - I totally understand! And it's frustrating when you realize it!! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Heather - Yeah, I thought that quote was pretty funny! Thanks!!



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