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17 March 2010

Just Wednesday

Just going to start off with a few good writing quotes:

"I love writing.  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tange with human emotions." -James Michener

"Everybody who writes is interested in living inside themselves in order to tell what is inside themselves.  That is why writers have to have two countries, the one where they belong and the one which they live really."
-Gertrude Stein

The Middle Part:

Today was a tiring day, so I don't have much energy to impart.  Just keep on pushing through! It's already Wednesday!

Journal Juju:
Write about "envy" - what associations does the word bring up for you?  Write about what people might envy you for and what you envy in others.  Then remember to appreciate all the amazing things you accomplish every day!

Envy for me is a dangerous game.  It leads to me doubting my capabilities, which is just downright self-destructive.  Lately I find myself envying all you writers who write, or who have mulitple books written, or have books published!  I know that it's a long, hard road, so I keep on pushing, hoping that one day I'll have someone who might envy my accomplishments enough to use them as inspiration!

Toast of the Day:
Here's to the feeling of receiving a genuine compliment!!


  1. Some very interesting quotes today. Love the toast of the day, that left it on a very good note!



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