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09 March 2010

MarNaNoWriMo Progress

I know it's the 9th of March, and I haven't posted much about my WIP for MarNaNo.  I've been busy sleeping off my surgery pain, but I do have some updates today.  I read a blog today from one of my friends - Lisa Pietsch - and it inspired me to write.  She had a guest blogger on -Cher Gorman - who talked about muses and their influence on writing.  It made so much sense!  So this morning before I even had breakfast I wrote 1,000 words to my WIP.  I made it my #writegoal, and made it!  I was so excited I set another goal of 2,000 words for the day.  I haven't written more yet, but I've been doing some research before I jump in.  Anyway, here is my progress and a snippet of my WIP, that of which has no name yet.

3,691 words of 15,000

“Well I enjoy reading too, perhaps not as much as you, but I will join you in a good book anytime. I mostly take pictures. Photography drives me wild! My mother, um, well she left me her camera. Can I take your picture sometime?” Alex held her breath.

“Absolutely! I can’t say I’d ever turn down having my picture taken. I think I’m very photogenic.” Roma grinned wide. “Not to be conceited or anything, it’s just the truth. Do you have your camera with you right now?”

“I take it everywhere with me! Do you want a photo now?” Alex was ecstatic at her new friend’s enthusiasm for being a muse. She needed practice at taking live action shots, and Roma really was a beauty. Her photos would be lovely.

“Of course I do!” Roma stood up, wiped off her skirt and struck her best Madonna pose, hands framing her face wildly.

“Oh lovely! Yes, yes, keep it up! You look great!” Alex giggled openly and glowed with excitement. She felt on top of the world. As she focused her lens on Roma’s smile, a lump formed in her throat. The last person she had taken a picture of was her mother. Since she went missing Alex only took wildlife photos or captured sunsets, flowers, and the like. This thought stopped Alex in mid-shutter click, a frown filling her face. She stood stiff, lost in her sadness.


Hope you all enjoy my excerpt!  And good luck in all your progress!


  1. Sounds like you're off to an excellent start! Can't wait to read more.



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