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29 July 2010

Tao Thursdays

Tao Te Ching #71

My words are easy to understand
And my actions are easy to perform
Yet no other can understand or perform them.

My words have meaning; my actions have reason;
Yet these cannot be known and I cannot be known.
We are each unique, and therefore valuable;
Though the sage wears coarse clothes, his heart is jade.

I haven't written about the Tao in awhile, and I figured I would do it bi-weekly now, as to not bog you all down with serious stuff too often. :)
Also, in two weeks I am starting a Tai Chi class, and would like to buff up on my spirituality! :P
So anyway, back to this Tao Te Ching verse, verse #71.  I take away from this verse the value of being unique.  All of us have our own voice, and especially when it comes to writing.  Most of what I hear is "find your voice", "use your voice", etc.  I'm still finding my voice, and still learning to use my voice.  That is why I still read things like the Tao Te Ching, as it helps me find my path, then I'm on the right path and I can find the right voice.  :)  Sorry for rambling.
So I pose a few questions:
How are you unique?
Have you found your voice?
How do you apply your unique voice to your projects, be it writing, reviewing, etc?
Thank you for reading, all you unique blog-goers!


  1. How am I unique, that's a tough one. You've given me something to contemplate, thank you! I'll let you know when I figure it out!

  2. Great questions. They have me thinking about how and why I write.



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