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21 July 2010

EatPrayLove Book Club, Eat Part Over

Finish India, where she prays a lot. Richard is a major character in this part of the book. He really is a true friend and is brutally honest. I think everyone has a Richard, maybe write a post about that person in your life as well as any general discussion about this section.

I feel like someone just ripped the bandaid off of my brain and showed me the truths I've always known but were too afraid to look at. I've also always wanted to meditate, but am afraid. Afraid of what I might find out about myself. I tried once, and it felt like all at once a thousand men with knives were flying towards me with ill intent. But even after that experience, and after reading this part of this book, I WILL try again. I must reach this level of calmness I so desperately am yearning for.

For me, this part of the book helped me connect to a part of myself that was different than the part I connected with from the Eat section of the book.  It renewed my need to find spirituality in my life.  The part where the poet/plumber gave Liz the instructions to read up on top of the ashram was one of my favorites.  To just be with yourself is a spectacular thought.  And an extremely difficult task. 

I do agree that parts of it were a little text-bookish, but I did learn a lot about Yoga and meditation. 

I REALLY enjoyed Richard from Texas, as he does remind me of a person in my life.  My crazy friend L. P. is amazing, and ALWAYS tells me like it is.  Which is what I think a true friend will do to keep you on track.  I can tell her anything, and she will hand me a gift of advice packaged in truth.  I have only known her for a short time, but I know we will stay friends for, well, as long as I can help it.

To sum this up, I still lovelovelove this book, and am highly anticipating to lovelovelove the Love part.  I am curious to see what else she has to talk about, and how this story culminates.



  1. I'm so glad you're loving it! I have a special attachment to my own Richard from Texas as well. Can't wait to see what you write about the next part!

  2. I am loving this book too. Can't wait to see how she ends it.

  3. I love the instructions from the poet/plumber. What great advice! I'm glad you're finding inspiration in these pages and enjoying the book so much.



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