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25 June 2011

On My Wishlist!

It's time for "On My Wishlist"!  It's a meme hosted by Book Chick City It's where you list all the books you desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. It's also an event that you can join in with too - Mr Linky is always at the ready for you to link your own 'On My Wishlist' post over at the Book Chick City blog!


This week I chose three books, all with one word titles, all sharing a common thread of what lies beneath the surface of human character.

My first one is Beautiful by Amy Reed  

When Cassie moves from the tiny town where she has always lived to a suburb of Seattle, she is determined to leave her boring, good-girl existence behind. This is Cassie's chance to stop being invisible and become the kind of girl who's worth noticing. 

Stepping into her new identity turns out to be easier than Cassie could have ever moment, one choice, will change everything. 

Cassie's new existence both thrills and terrifies her. Swept into a world of illicit parties and social landmines, she sheds her virginity, embraces the numbness she feels from the drugs, and floats through it all, knowing that she is now called beautiful. She ignores the dangers of her fast-paced life?but she can't sidestep the secrets and the cruelty. 

Cassie is trapped in a swift downward spiral tinged with violence and abuse, and no one—not even the one person she thought she could trust—can help her now.  (from Goodreads)

I'm excited for this book because it is always intriguing to follow the adventure (positive or negative) that life can take you.  I also like exploring why people do what they do, and this book should deliver.

The second book I chose is Lifted by Wendy Toliver

When 15-year-old Poppy Browne moves from Boulder, CO, to Pleasant Acres, TX, with her professor mother, she has to attend Calvary High even though she's not Baptist. She makes friends with the popular girls and has a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Poppy gets caught in an ex-BFF rivalry between her friend Mary Jane and another schoolmate, Bridgette. Then she starts shoplifting. The first time, it's an accident. The second, it's induced by peer pressure. Subsequently, however, it's for the rush. Poppy, Mary Jane, and Whitney steal regularly, and Poppy doesn't know whether or not she can stop. Eventually, she overcomes her fear of disappointing Mary Jane and Whitney, but she still faces the consequences when her mother finds out what she has been doing.

 I'm excited about this book because yet again, it shows what people are capable of under pressure; what sort of things they'll do out of the norm.  It has good reviews, and hopefully when I do mine it'll be the same!  Can't wait to read it!

The third book I chose is a bit different than the other two.  Hater by David Moody

REMAIN CALM DO NOT PANIC TAKE SHELTER WAIT FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS THE SITUATION IS UNDER CONTROL Society is rocked by a sudden increase in the number of violent assaults on individuals. Christened 'Haters' by the media, the attackers strike without warning, killing all who cross their path. The assaults are brutal, remorseless and extreme: within seconds, normally rational, self-controlled people become frenzied, vicious killers. 

There are no apparent links as a hundred random attacks become a thousand, then hundreds of thousands. Everyone, irrespective of gender, age, race or any other difference, has the potential to become a victim - or a Hater. People are afraid to go to work, afraid to leave their homes and, increasingly, afraid that at any moment their friends, even their closest family, could turn on them with ultra violent intent.  

Waking up each morning, no matter how well defended, everyone must now consider the fact that by the end of the day, they might be dead.  Or perhaps worse, become a killer themselves.  As the status quo shifts, ATTACK FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER becomes the order of the day...  only, the answers might be much different than what you expect.... 

In the tradition of H. G. Wells and Richard Matheson, Hater is one man’s story of his place in a world gone mad— a world infected with fear, violence, and HATE.

I am EXTREMELY excited for this book, as murder/mystery/sci-fi is right up my alley.  But it just seems the most interesting of the three as far as stretching the human capacity for action under pressure.  I hear it's going to be made into a movie soon.  That should be interesting as well!  Can't wait to read and review this book!


Those are a few of the many books that are on my wishlist.  I hope you check them out as well!  And head on over to Book Chick City to see what everyone else is hoping for!


  1. Very cool. I hadn't heard of any of these books before, but I'll definitely have to check all three of them out at some point. :)

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