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26 June 2011


Today is the day for the "Blogfest...Interrupted" blogfest!  It's being hosted by Sash over at Sash's Secrets.

It's her first blogfest, so share the love!!  Go check out the other entries and put yours up too!

It's 500-1000 word entry where your characters are interrupted in whatever they are doing!  Sounds like fun, eh?  Get to writing, it's today only!

Here's mine below, hope you enjoy it.  I've used part of it before somewhere else, just can't remember where. 

      Dragan’s onyx gaze fell on her throat. Her slender white neck gleamed in the moonlight. She was a few rows over, kneeling down beside a headstone crafted into a somber angel figure. Why she was in a cemetery alone and at night was a mystery to him, but he did not truly care why; she was a meal to him, and nothing more. Yet she was overwhelming his keen senses. He could smell her aroma from his perch atop a crumbling, mossy headstone. She smelled sweetly of vanilla and lavender. Her warmth filled his nostrils, sending him into a frenzy. His hands shook with anticipation. But he knew he must control himself, he mustn’t scare her away. Not yet. He needed her blood inside him.
       Dragan eased off the tombstone, quietly making his way towards the woman he now considered already dead. His quickness landed him directly behind her; his silence left him standing close and undetected. At this distance her sugary scent devastated him; he could taste her now. He shifted momentarily, his boot heel crushing a twig under its weight. She turned swiftly, catching a glimpse of a tall shadow of a man.
      “Hello my dear. I am Dragan of the nightwalkers. I am here to ease your pain.” He smoothed a dark strand of hair away from her face, revealing the sadness in her eyes.
      “Ease my pain? No one can easy my pain. Not anymore.” She lightly ran a finger over the name on the headstone: Marcus Brennan. At that simple gesture she began crying all over again, tears mixing with the fresh rain. Dragan reached down and lifted her to his chest, wrapping his arms around her slim figure easily. She lost all composure then, sobbing into his shirt. He had her now.
      “What’s your name, child?” He angled her chin upwards to see into her eyes.
      “Elaina. My name is Elaina Brennan.”
      “Well Elaina, prepare yourself for death.” Shocked, Elaina tried to pull away, pushing with all her strength against him. Effortlessly Dragan threaded his fingers through her hair and jerked her head back, revealing her soft, porcelain throat. A scream escaped her mouth, as his mouth lowered to her neck.
      Suddenly a brightness filled his vision, a heat emanated from somewhere behind him. “I think you'll have to deal with being hungry for one more minute, Dragan.” Dragan turned slightly, squinting at the fire swirling around Sterling's hands, he would not let go of Elaina. Sterling stood there, feet planted firmly, hands ablaze with supernatural sparks of garnet flame, ready to char him to coals at any sudden movement. He contemplated finishing his meal, gazed into Elaina's eyes, and decided he too would live another day. “Someone is on your side today, my child.” He let her go. She shot out of his arms, headed in any direction that was away from him.
      “Good choice, Dragan. Now, slowly turn around...” Dragan followed her directions. He however, did not stop there. He grinned darkly, eyes piercing Sterling's one last time. In one swift movement he crouched down, throwing all of his weight into his legs, and shot straight up into the night. “Maybe next time, Sterling, it'll be your life I'll have the pleasure of interrupting.” He laughed deep and quiet as he flew through the sky.



  1. Nice! Last minute interruptions are great for saving (or damning) your characters, aren't they?

    Thank you for taking part!! YAY for blogfests!

  2. Love the descriptions. A very earthy and lush dark fantasy.

  3. I agree--the descriptions are great in this piece! :) And what a way to end the story; I hope, somehow, that Sterling stays safe!

  4. Awesome excerpt. And what a great idea for a blogfest. I can't recall such interruptions in my writing.

  5. Thanks for the lovely compliments! Maybe one day this will make it to the big time in a real book. :)



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