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19 June 2011

The Muse-ic Writing Blogfest!

Over at Aleatoire there is a blogfest going on that was actually yesterday, but as I didn't find it until today, I will post now, hopefully not missing it by too much.  Sorry!!

You were supposed to pick a song and write something that was inspired by it.  Whatever it may be.  I struggled with mine, I just tried to write without thinking too much about it - just let the song take me away.  So here goes:

Kary drug her feet down the dusty road, her feet blistered and bleeding from the many miles she had walked. All she carried with her was her father's ring, a journal from her mother, and the clothes on her back. The sun seared her already burned skin. Her mind was heavy with dark thoughts of all she'd lost, of all she'd never get back. The only hope she had left in her empty heart was for someone to take her out of her misery. If she knew how, she'd do it herself. Everyone she loved was dead. The world was dead. She was dead.

Being dead wasn't new to Kary. This was her second time around. When she sold her soul to the Big Guy, the deal was simple. Do his bidding until he let her go, or her family would die. Whenever that would be. Now her family was dead; she had a little less motivation to help the tyrant that was Mr. S. Kary stopped, looked at the sky, and screamed through the dust clouds.

“YOU'RE MINE, S! IT'S OVER!” She unclenched her fists and fell to her knees, tears cascading to the ground. Her hands burned on the molten asphalt, but she left them there; she needed to feel the pain. She looked at her father's ring on her left middle finger; a silver band with a cross cutout in the center. She'd left that cross in plenty of people's faces with her sharp left hook. “For you Daddy.” She reached for her mother's journal she had stashed in her back pocket. Such a small, tattered thing, most would hardly think it was beautiful. But Kary knew every word on the old brown pages, every curve of the letters written from her mother's delicate hands. “For you, Mom.”

With all she held precious in her life right there in her hands, she vowed to do anything to stop Mr. S. from doing this to someone else. He didn't deserve to be the King of the Underworld. Not if Kary had anything to say about it.

The song/music video that inspired this short blurb is "New Low" by Middle Class Rut.

Hope you enjoy it!  It's a really great song, IMO.


  1. V. Cool! Also a little creepy, but in a good way. Never heard the song before, but I like - and I can see how it fits the story!!


  2. You won! Come and check my blog! =D

  3. Hey. I need a way to get in touch with you, ago that I can do those wits for you. =]



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