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03 August 2010

WAG # 32

The Writing Adventure Group is held by India Drummond at

Writing Adventure Group Topic #32: “Altered State”. In the past week, I’ve read three different books that had scenes where a main character was either inebriated or taking drugs, and each scene was very different. So this week, either create a character or observe someone (unfortunately it isn’t hard to find someone drunk on the streets these days) who is partaking of a mind-altering substance. Your piece can be as long or short as you want, using any form you like. No Rules! Now Write! (You may add links to this list between now and 3 August 2010.)

Noelle ran her fingers around the rim of the glass, contemplating taking the last sip of the crimson inside.
"One glass is never enough. Hell, one bottle isn't enough, these days."
She drained the crystal vessel and erased a few more memories. The dark bottle stared at her from across the kitchen countertop, just out of reach. It taunted her, knowing she needed its contents more than ever.
"Just one more glass," she slurred. "It'll only be one more glass."
As she turned to get off her stool, her equilibrium went the opposite way. She fell on the kitchen floor hard, cracking her forehead wide open. Blood trickled down her nose, dripping onto the floor next to her. She cried out, but to no avail, as anyone who cared about her was gone. Macey was gone. And no one cared that Noelle was still here, still grieving for losing Macey. Hot tears welled in her eyes and crept down her cheeks, mixing with the blood still flowing down her face. She had been mourning for a year, filling the emptiness with bottle after bottle.
It startled her when she heard footsteps, knowing she had been alone in the apartment. She looked up through the blood and tears, and saw Macey's angelic face. Her own face lit up with a smile, as she was lifted off the floor and set squarely upon her feet.
"Macey? What, how, I'm so confused!"
"Don't worry now my dear, I'm here to save you."
"Save me from what?"
"From yourself. Follow me, and it'll all be over quickly. I love you Noelle. Now let's go."
Noelle thought she glimpsed a flash of her body still laying on the floor as she followed Macey in a direction that seemed like up.

Hope you liked it, I really struggled with writing this topic for some reason.  I've been wrestling with it all weekend.  Happy writing!


  1. First time I've seen an entry from you in the WAG, Charlie. Well done. Well crafted surprise ending, as well.

    The topic gave me trouble, also; and I'm in the "altered state" of having a house guest with whom I'd rather go shopping, eat, talk, watch movies, so I had to skip this. Feel free to visit my blog if you like @ I hope to get back into writing for the next WAG.

  2. I enjoyed that Charlie. It worked well even though you seemed to give the game away early on. Nice piece.



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