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04 August 2010

Eat, Pray, Love - The End

Finish Indonesia and discuss general feelings on the book. How did it affect you?

Overall, as I have said in previous posts, I aboslutely lovelovelove this book.  I keep talking about connections, and that is important to me with a book, to connect with the content, with the words.  But my soul opened up and let this book in.  It planted a seed that is starting to grow ferociously into a giant tree.  I love it!

The Eat part started out very depressing, but it was the truths I needed to hear about my own feelings about myself.

The Pray part was a little text-bookish, but helpfully informative.  I loved this part a lot, but the least out of all the parts.  I still connected with it, but I haven't found the balance she speaks of, so it was hard to connect with that.  It also had a lot of comic relief mixed in.  Plus I really am looking for spiritual guidance through meditation and yoga and such, so it was interesting to learn about it.

The Love part was slower for me, but I loved hearing the stories of all the people she met in Bali.  I was happy to follow her on her bicycle rides through paradise, as well as watch her find balance and ultimately Love.

Will you go see the movie?

I will absolutely go see the movie, and already have plans for August 14th to watch it with a bunch of friends.

Will you read Committed which is Gilbert’s follow up to Eat Pray Love?

I was not aware (somehow) of there being another book!  I will be looking for it as soon as I'm done with this post!

***Edit***  I looked up this book and will surely be reading it soon!  I can't wait to see what happens when Elizabeth gets, *gasp*, married again!

What are some of your favorite quotes from the book?

"This part of my story is not a happy one, I know.  But I share it here because something was about to occur on that bathroom floor that would change forever the progression of my life - almost like one of those crazy astronomical super-events when a planet flips over in outer space for no reason whatsoever, and its molten core shifts, relocating its poles and altering its shape radically, such that the whole mass of the planet suddenly becomes oblong instead of spherical.  Something like that."
"...he did my laundry."
"Because God never slams a door in your face iwthout openeing a box of Girl Scout cookies (or however the old adage goes)..."
There were more quotes, but I already lent the ebook to my friend from my nook, so I can't access all the quotes I saved.  Oh well I suppose, they will make their way into other posts.  :)
Thanks to all for sharing so much of themselves with the rest of us while we went on this little journey together.  I know not all of you connected with the book as much as some of us, but I'm still glad you read it.  Happy Reading to all - I wish you all well!


  1. I am finishing my post now. I tagged at least 15 quotes - that is some kinda record for me. I will have it up later. I really liked your wrap up - mine is far more long winded and rambling. I enjoyed reading with you.

  2. i've heard so many good things about this book, and i've been so reluctant to pick it up. i think i just need to go buy it.


    thanks for the rec!

  3. Great and detailed review! I'll be picking up this book soon, and now I can't wait! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book. I hope you enjoy the movie and the next book.

    I finally got my post up. Stop by when you get a chance. There's an award waiting for you.



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