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30 May 2010

Found Poetry

Well I have come across a poem I wrote in second grade!!  Yep, way back when.  It was in an anthology of poems my class did, apparently.

What is Pink?

Pink is a baby piglet when they are a few days old.
Pink is rosy and very happy.
Pink is a bouquet of tulips.
Pink are cheeks when people are happy.
Pink is a Farrari driving down a country road by a corn field.
Pink is a button on my shirt.
Pink can be passion or can be a beautiful silk dress!
Pink can be a vase of roses.
Pink is brighter than purple and lighter than green.
Pink sounds like birds singing happy songs.
Pink tastes like peppermint.
Pink is a classroom full of happy children.
That is pink!
           -Charlie Quillen, Second Grade (1992)

Quite simple, but I still like it! LOL  Hope you all enjoy my poem about Pink.


  1. Love your new blog header! And the Pink poem, awesome. It's so much fun to come across something you wrote a long time ago! I still have all my old notebooks but I hardly look at them anymore. Maybe I'll pull them out…

  2. Thank you! I felt like it had a bit more 'splash' to it! LOL I still have my notebooks as well, and its always...interesting to read them. Good luck, hope you take em out!

  3. aww it's so cute!



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