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03 January 2010

362 days left to do it right!

Hello 2010! It's the third day of the year - do you know where your resolutions are??  Depending on what your resolution is, you may be already falling behind.  Had that cigarette yet?  Had that big piece of chocolate cake?  Already missed a gym visit?  Overspent on your brand new budget?  For your sake, I hope not, you still have 362 days left in the year.  Don't worry if it's been a rough few days, I believe in you!  If you have messed up already, don't give up, just pick up and start again.  My resolution to "just be" is going well so far.  I have just been me for the last 3 days and it has made me feel great.  I'm a little less anxious and a little more confident.  Just a little - it's only been 3 days!  ;) 

Anyway, good luck with your resolution, whatever it may be.  Keep up the good work!



  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I've actually been making progress on my resolutions so I'm pretty happy. Not a lot, but like you said, its only been three days!

  2. Love it! it has only been 6 days and I'm already doing a great job on my resolution to just be as well! along w/quit smoking thing. lol it's working wonders actually!

  3. awww. i love you! good luck to you! and maintain that confidence, even if it's just a lil more. i have faith in you, and you need some encouragment too, so you're not the only one giving it. you're doing a great job! keep it up! :) miss you!



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