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05 December 2010

Nook Color!!

The Nook Color has changed my world.  I thought when I got the first Nook, everything was different.  But this new Nook, well, it has shattered all that.  As soon as you turn the thing on it amazes.  It's bright, colorful, and you can touch the screen.  You have to touch the screen.  It begs you to touch the screen. 
You first have to go through a quick and easy setup process, which is made even easier if you already have the B&N account set up and all.  But after that is over, it's off to the exploring!  The first thing I did was personalize the background (I picked the white snow with paw prints and red ribbon - fitting for December).  There are only a few stock backgrounds, but there are many websites out there with free downloadable ones.  But you are supposed to be able to set your personal pictures as the background, I just haven't figured it out yet, I've been too busy reading! 

The next thing was picking out what books I was going to read first, then setting them on my home page (the main and biggest part you see here.)  I've picked out several that I need to finish and some more that I plan on starting.  It's a fantastic way to organize the books, because you can see them right there, staring at you, waiting to be read.  There are no lists to go through, just the bold covers of the books.  It's wonderful! 

So you're probably asking, what's the big deal, I can read on the Nook (or other E-reader) I already have - it does the same thing, sort of.  Well my advice to you is to keep reading.  This Nook is like a mini-Ipad.  Without the apps.  It surfs the internet with ease, although the only thing that does bug me is how tiny the words are when you are looking at a full page.  But you can easily zoom in and that problem is fixed.  I tweet, facebook, and blog (mostly read blogs) all from my Nook Color.  I can turn it sideways for better viewing, and it's almost as big as my netbook's screen. 

It's lightweight, easy to hold, though as you can see I do have a cover for it - makes me feel better about carrying it around.  This is one of the best Christmas presents ever, and would make any book reader squeeeee! with excitement. 

So to wrap up, simply put, this Nook Color rocks.  I don't have really any drawbacks to comment on.  It's user friendly, organized, colorful, and fun.  Better get to the store and get yourself one - they may just run out!


  1. Oh, I love love love the color of your Nook. It's so pink! And it looks so shiny and fun!

    I want one, but I don't think Santa's bringing it this year. Maybe I'll be bad and buy it for myself in the New Year... :p

  2. I looove your Nook!! It's so pretty!! I still can't decide if I want one :)

  3. It's awesome to see someone else who loves the Nook as much as I do! There isn't much about it that I don't like!

  4. hey!
    i haven't gotten the nook color yet, but i've played with it in the store, and it's awesome!
    you can read books in all different size prints, you can look up a word if you don't know it, you can highlight words, you can play with so many apps, you can listen to music, you can go on the internet, and i heard that you can watch movies!
    awesome device!



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