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06 September 2012

BLOGGIESTA - Fall Style!

It is time again for the awesomeness that is BLOGGIESTA!

This time though, it's in September (28-30 to be exact)!

In case you don't know what Bloggiesta is, I will be kind enough to tell you! ;)

Bloggiesta is a time for all bloggers to take their blog and give it a once over (or a twice over, or even a thirty times over).  You might want to change something simple about your blog like the template, background, or text color.  You may even want to go a little farther and update your blogroll, label system, or comment structure.  Even farther still, you might want to check out any of the mini-challenges that will be hosted around the blogosphere by fellow book bloggers.  Just make sure you sign up at There's A Book in the link widget to share your experience with Bloggiesta!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), I spent a few days in August cleaning up my blog and changing stuff around.  So, for Bloggiesta this time I will focus on increasing my traffic to my blog, better time management (with regards to scheduling book reviews/posts), and maybe a few other things. 

I really, really, REALLY want to come out on the other side of this Bloggiesta triumphant and with the satisfaction of knowing I have completed a goal! :P

So join me and the many others who will be participating in BLOGGIESTA, on the last weekend in September (28th - 30th).



  1. Not sure what my list is going to look like yet, either, but I'll be there! "See" you soon! :)

  2. I'm already trying to come up with a fun to-do list. It's going to be great ^^

    My Bloggiesta.



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