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30 March 2012


It's time for BLOGGIESTA 2012!!!

I've never participated before, but from the looks of my blog, I need to!  I'm stuck in a rut and need to freshen up!  

To get to the starting line, head over to It's All About Books and sign up!

As for the mini-challenges, check out The Master List on It's All About Books 

Now for what I plan on doing.

I'd like to focus on first freshening up my blog, then creating better content, and then getting it out there for everyone to enjoy!

I chose these mini-challenges to help me with my goal (quoted from It's All About Books):

I will also be participating in the Twitter Party tonight at 9 pm EST.

My goals:
  • Clean up my blogroll
  • Clean up labels
  • Visit at least 10 new blogs 
  • Anything else I run across to change or fix
  • Finish ALL mini-challenges!

I'm pretty darn excited to learn all this new stuff!  Plus I can't wait to improve my blog and hopefully share some new things with even more people than I do now!  :D

Happy Bloggiesta!!


  1. Great goals!! I'm finding the Mini-Challenges really helpful! I've gotten a bunch of improvements done today just by following those!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  2. So, how's it going over here? Have you been able to knock a few things of the list? You picked a lot of challenges to do! What's been your favorite? Need help on anything? Keep up the good work!

  3. Sorry Suey, I didn't get anything done, really. I did add Facebook like buttons to my posts though. But I made a post about what happened on my weekend instead of doing Bloggiesta things. :( Thanks for stopping by!



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