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24 February 2010

The wheels on my bus have fallen off.

It is as the subject says, "The wheels on my bus have fallen off."  My motivation bus has lost its wheels, ran out of gas, and started rusting on the side of the creativity highway.  Yeah, a bit exaggerated, but it's not untrue.  I haven't written in two months, much to my disappointment, and to those around me as well.  I'm not quite sure what derailed everything, but I guess life just happens sometimes.  I know it takes an extensive amount of time and effort to finish a book, and I know I have it in me to finish.  I am just having trouble finding the motivation I need to get moving again.  How do you all find the motivation when you run out?



  1. You poor thing! I went through a small version of that last week and just couldn't write anything new. After two months I'd have to be locked up! It happens to all of us at times though. You might try brainstorming your story with a friend, that always works for me. Maybe new music, or a great book to read... My fingers are crossed that your muse comes back soon!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment, and the advice! I'm willing to try anything!! Good luck to you, and thanks again!



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